Why Print Shops Everywhere are Turning to Supacolor

If you run a print shop, you'll know there are three big things you need to succeed: efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. So, it’s not surprising that more and more print shops are adding Supacolor heat transfers to their toolkit – they help with all three.

Here’s how Supacolor heat transfers help print shops grow their business:


Simplified Artwork Prep

We take the hardwork out of artwork. Forget about the complexities of color separations, setting up screens, or the nightmare of minimum order quantities. From the moment you upload your design to the time your transfers arrive at your doorstep, the process is Supaeasy. We even help with low-res files or incorrect file types so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to wasting time fixing designs and hello to focusing on what matters most.

Streamlined Production Workflow

Time is money, and we know it. You can't afford to have downtime on your heat presses. But with our easy application, there’s less setup time and quicker production. From small batches to tight deadlines, Supacolor keeps your hustle smooth and efficient.

Blast Through Complex Jobs

This is where Supacolor really shines. Complex jobs with high color counts can take forever to screen print, and it’s not worth it for low volume orders. Don’t spend time counting colors and prepping screens - Supacolor lets you do it fast. 


Accurate Color Matching

We take color seriously. Like, Supa seriously. We have 7 color print presses, our own proprietary ink formulation and an advanced color management system. What this means is you get vibrant, true-to-life colors that meet the highest standards. Your clients will be impressed, and you'll earn a reputation as a quality color maestro. Best of all, Supacolor gives you the same consistent colors, every time. Even if it’s months between runs.

Proven durability

Our heat transfers are made specifically for the fabric you’re printing on, and they’re proven to last and last and last (we stopped counting after 80 washes).


Customer Service in Your Corner

Print shops need partners they can rely on, and we never forget that. We look after you, so you can look after your customers.

As Andrew from Atomic threads says, “Supacolor is THE best – Customer service first and foremoste – these guys and gals will take amazing care of you. Quality as well; they are all about it. If something isn’t right, you can bet they will make it right for you. Big up, Supa!”

Justin from Anytime Tees says, “Supacolor has great products and excellent service. Issues are not common, but when they come up, this team takes care of them IMMEDIATELY. They are a great partner and I have absolutely no reason to go anywhere else.”

No Hidden Costs

In an industry rife with additional charges, we stand out with our transparency. No setup fees, no rush fees, no surprises. Just straightforward pricing that lets you quote jobs quickly and easily.

So, if you’re running a print shop and haven’t tried Supacolor yet, hit us up for a free sample kit.

There’s nothing to lose, except for artwork headaches, inefficient workflow, inventory hassles... you know, all the things you wish you could get rid of. And now you can.