Lo Melt.

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No heat marks. No problem.

Designed for those hard-to-press tech fabrics, Lo Melt lets you expand your decoration to garments you previously thought were too difficult. With its low temperature, you can forget about the risk of heat marks and print with confidence.

Lo Melt is the best heat transfers for:

  • Technical Fabrics.
    Performance wear, including tri-blends, spandex, Dri-fit etc.
  • Premium Garments.
    Nervous about scorching an expensive jacket? With Lo Melt, you don’t need to worry.
  • Water-resistant Items.
    Promotional bags, outerwear and even shoes.

Our Low Melt heat transfers include our famous screen printed layer of water-based white ink.

Lo Melt Blocker.

Lo Melt is also available with a Blocker. This is designed for fabrics that are sublimated or have heavy patterns, and stops any migration in its tracks.

View Lo Melt Blocker.

Backed by world-class service.

If there’s an issue with your artwork, we’ll take care of it. Every order is shipped within 1-2 working days, and if you’re not 100% happy, we’ll make it right. (It’s why we win awards for our customer service.)

FAQ. Lo Melt.

It will stick to water-resistant fabrics. For fabrics that are 100% waterproof, we recommend the promo transfer.

Yes – it comes with a blocker version, which should be used for fabrics you expect to bleed, like sublimated polyester and heavily patterned fabrics.

View Lo Melt Blocker.

Only if there are no seams where you’re pressing the transfer. Lo Melt will crack on seams, so if it’s a six panel cap or there are seams, use the Headwear transfer.

1-2 days.

Nope, just the cost of the transfers and shipping (which is calculated at checkout).

The same way you order our current products - just select LM (Lo Melt) or LB (Low Melt Blocker).

Low melt means a lower temperature, typically 260-270F. Press for 12-15 seconds at 40PSI/firm. Click here for instructions.

Standard shipping - 1-2 days.

Yes - x10 transfers or x10 gang sheets.

Yes - it is the same ink technology as our other products, which all use water-based inks without hidden plastics, certified by OEKO-TEK.

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Different Transfers for More Flexibility.

SupaDTF heat transfers save you money on short runs while giving you even more flexibility.
The best heat transfer for t-shirts, hoodies & garments made with cotton, polycotton & polyesters that don't bleed.
The best heat transfer for sublimated or patterned polyester fabrics where there is potential to migrate.
The best heat transfer for softshell garments that require a blocker to stop dye migration issues.
The best heat transfer for caps and other forms of headwear.
Bridge seams without cracking.
The best heat transfer for bags and other promotional items.
(Umbrellas, totes, coolers, lanyards, etc).
Press at a lower temperature to eliminate heat marks and pressing issues on specialty fabrics with Lo Melt heat transfers.
The best low temperature heat transfer for complex fabrics and sublimated blends that have potential of dye migration.
Stand out by adding reflective designs to uniforms, activewear, bags and more with SupaReflective heat transfers.
The best heat transfer for garments made with cotton drill or polycotton blends that are intended for industrial wash up to 200°F.
The best heat transfer for industrial workwear where there is potential for dye migration.
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Just place your art onto one of our templates, size it, and send it in! You'll have your Supacolor in-hand in just a few days. Seriously!


Our certification from an independent lab is one of the many reasons we're known as the world's best heat transfer!

Pressing Instructions.

Applying Supacolor to your garments is Supaeasy! Learn how you can have a finished product in less than 30 seconds!