Why Add SupaReflective to Your Product Range?

Why Add SupaReflective to Your Product Range?

As a garment decorator, the more tools you have in your toolbelt, the more jobs you can take on. With our SupaReflective heat transfers, you can add reflective designs, expanding your range with no extra effort.


Help Clients Stand Out, and You’ll Do the Same.

SupaReflective is a great way to attract new clients with the prospect of helping their staff be seen in low light conditions. For companies who have staff working night shifts - security guards, parking attendants, maintenance etc – it improves safety, while boosting their own brand. Think about what clients you already have that would benefit from reflective designs.


Step Up into Activewear.

Reflective elements are already popular in the sports world. Think running, cycling, skiing and snowboarding – you’ll find reflective elements and logos everywhere. SupaReflective makes it easy for you to capitalise on this booming trend. If you’re not already making activewear, now’s the time.

Make a fashion statement.

Beyond safety and functionality, SupaReflective can also add a distinctive aesthetic appeal. The reflective elements catch the light, and the eye. Reflective designs have been used by everyone from designers like Alexander McQueen to labels like Anti Social Social Club and Off-White. We’ve made it Supaeasy to do the same.


Versatility Across Fabrics

Cotton, polyester, or the mix in between – SupaReflective doesn't play favorites. It bonds seamlessly with all fabrics, giving you the flexibility to experiment across a range of materials. From casual tees to high-performance gear, SupaReflective is a versatile workhorse you can count on. Oh, and they’ll last at least 30 washes too, and still come out shining.


Weeding? Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

If you’re already using reflective designs, chances are, you’re using vinyl. Raise your hand if you've got better things to do than painstakingly weed out tiny bits of negative space. We got you. Like all Supacolour heat transfers, you just press and peel, with no wedding. Imagine how much time that’ll save you on a uniform run of 30 pieces! (Note, this is a cold peel – our first!)


Make your business shine.

By adding reflective designs to your toolbelt, you can capitalise on opportunities across safety gear, activewear and fashion – all without investing in any extra gear. Just order SupaReflective transfers. Your world of creative possibilities awaits. We can’t wait to see you shine.