Print T-shirts At Home In 15 Seconds

Hey our good friend Gary over at T-shirt Help Desk has put out a great video on starting a T-shirt business from your home. It's really helpful for those looking to get into the biz and Surprise! He uses Supacolor transfers because of all their amazing features and ease of use. Take a moment to watch or read what he has to say below.

“Today I’m going to show you how you can  print full color t-shirts like this and this at home  in as little as 15 seconds so I decided to get some custom heat transfers made all right now this is very different than a lot of the other companies that I talked about. They have some new exciting techniques; they are really changing the game so I want to go under the hood and I want to show you guys exactly what went into making those t-shirts.

All right so this is Supercolor you go in and you can log in or make an account of course and once in there you can go and click add new job. I have some artwork; these really awesome Biggie and Dolemite graphics I made this just to do this test.

I wanted to see what it would do with all the different colors and gradations so I went back over to Supercolor and I uploaded them and the great thing about Supercolor if you put your order in before 12 Noon Pacific Time they will usually ship your order next business day. They print it and boom that thing goes out next business day. All right guys we're at the t-shirt help desk lab we have these bad boys we did everything, set up the account, uploaded the artwork and now we have these so you know what the only way to really know what's really going on is to fire up the heat press and let's see what these bad boys do on a t-shirt let's go okay!

So we're back here on the old heat press, we have our purple t-shirt lined up right there and I’m just going to line that up on the top and if you look right here this is our instructions you have to go by this all right and every heat press is different so this one is about 295 for 10 to 15 seconds

Now this is a hot peel so you want to pull it out and be careful and not burn yourselves. Look at that so smooth but that's not all, let's go to the next one. Now this one you already know what it is, it's already in there so it's already cooking. Now we're going to peel it and it so smooth like butter. Look at Dolomite. Look how bright the colors are! I mean really really awesome but let me show you a little bit closer. All right guys here we go on that purple t-shirt look at how smooth that is. I wish you guys could feel how smooth this is.

All right guys as you can see I think that these heat transfers are phenomenal. I really think Supacolor is on to something and this could really be a game changer. But you know what the proof is in the pudding and this is my opinion. I think that you guys should go over to and see if you can get some samples I know that they send out sample packs and seeing is believing. Take it for a spin, test it out, feel it, rub it, tell me what you think okay because it's for you to possibly start a t-shirt business using this really great company that’s doing some really exciting things.