At this time of year we are most thankful for you our supporters. Our gratitude goes to you for inspiring us every day.

Ready to place your order with Supacolor? Just follow these simple instructions and we’ll ship your premium-quality heat transfers the next day!

    1. Open your Account
      1. Open your account by clicking ‘Apply’ at
      2. Fill out the form and submit to receive your log-in instructions.
    2. Once your account is approved via email.
      1. Log-in by clicking ‘Log In’ at
      2. Add payment information by
        1. Going to ‘My Account’
        2. Click the red ‘Add Credit Card’ button
        3. Enter your credit card info and Save.
    1. Click ‘Add New Job’
      1. Select the Shipping Date (the earliest available date will already be highlighted in red.)
      2. Select the Shipping Method
        1. Ground (Next day ground available for local Los Angeles orders).
        2. Next-Day Air (Available globally)
        3. 2-Day Air (Default shipping method)
        4. Will Collect (You can pick up your transfers at our shop in Gardena, CA)
      3. Enter Job Details
        1. Enter a Purchase Order # (You can enter anything).
        2. Enter the Job Description (/name the job something easy to recognize.)
        3. Enter the Job Comments (Anything else we need to know.)
        4. Select the Type/Price of Transfer
          1. Give the Transfer a name. We recommend including the size in the name (“Supacolor Army 10”W”)
          2. Tell us the color and type of garments you will be print on (ie - “Black cotton” or “White umbrella”)
          3. Enter CMYK (default) or the PMS colors you need. PMS colors should also be in the file itself.
          4. Enter the dimension of your art file.
        5. Select the Quantity of Transfers
        6. Upload Your Artwork by clicking ‘Upload Art’
        7. Click ‘Create Job’
        8. Review the Order Details in the pop-up and click ‘Create Job’
      4. Check on order status under Jobs in the left-hand menu.