Supacolor Blocker Transfer

How to Press Blocker Like a Supastar


Set Temperature and Time

  • 290F (140C)
  • 10 seconds


Load a Test Polyester Garment

If possible, slip the platen through the shirt so there is only one layer of fabric on top. Otherwise, lay shirt on top of the platen. Avoid pockets if possible.


Set Pressure

  • Manual Press: Tighten dial until the press won’t close. Loosen dial progressively until the press closes, use less pressure for Polyester.
  • Hotronix and Geo Knight: 7-8
  • Pneumatic Press: 35-40 PSI


Pre Press: None

100% polyester does not hold moisture, so it should not require a prepress unless you just need to smooth out the fabric for 2 seconds.


Place Supacolor

Position the transfer on the garment. Lay teflon sheet or parchment paper over the Supacolor.


Press 8-10 Seconds


Peel Immediately

Hot peel immediately from a corner in one smooth motion. Peel with confidence and without hesitation. Hold down shirt with your free hand for better control.


Post-press: 2 Seconds

Use a teflon sheet or parchment to seal the edges of the Supacolor.

  • Always test press on a spoiled or old polyester garment to dial in your press before pressing your production.
  • Supacolor always gives you spares so you can dial in your press.
  • Supacolor not sticking when you peel? Increase pressure and peel quickly within 2 seconds of lifting press, keep transfer a clear distance from pockets and seams.
  • Still won’t peel easily? Repress for 4 seconds then try from a different corner.
  • These instructions are your default starting point, settings may vary for different garments and presses.