How to Make Supaugly Holiday Sweaters

Staying on top of seasonal trends is a great way to increase sales and boost revenue for your brand, your eCommerce merch shop, or for your side hustle. The Ugly Christmas Sweater craze is a perfect example of this! With Supacolor, you can jump on these money-making trends Supafast and Supaeasy!

Get inspired by this article from CNN Business: The co-founder of, Hajjar and his brother Mark Hajjar have turned the business into one of the biggest sellers of intentionally ugly holiday sweaters.“I knew I had to do something creative, quickly,” he said. He asked his designers to look at hot trending topics tied to companies and brands and turn them into ugly sweater designs.

In just a few years, the ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon has evolved from a byproduct of hipster culture to an annual tradition embraced by entire families. “I went on eBay and saw these old Christmas sweaters your grandma would wear, selling for $100 to $300,” he said.

He decided to get in on the action. He and his brother launched in late 2012. The first year, they made $40,000 in sales. But the following year, revenue jumped 300% – and it kept climbing.

This year, they’re on track to sell $6 million in ugly sweaters, and the company employs 65 people. Hajjar said all of the ugly sweaters are sold exclusively on the company’s website. Most are manufactured in China and a few styles are made in Michigan. “But it’s all in the spirit of fun,” he said.